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Many young people don’t realize that marriage is really an option in a crisis pregnancy.  Couples that marry in their teen years because of a crisis pregnancy often enjoy a great deal of happiness.  So don’t rule out the possibility of marriage even if everyone else seems to think it’s not a good idea.  Getting married means that your baby has the benefit of their father’s name and income.

In cases of separation, mothers who were married are more successful in establishing child support and paternal grandparent involvement then the non-married.  Of course, marriage requires that both individuals want to be joined in this union and are committed to each other.  At our Center, we can help both you and the father of your baby understand this option and the benefits it can bring to both your lives.

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Our Center opened in 1994, providing a safe, confidential place that helps women, men and families facing unplanned pregnancies. All services are free, and we serve the whole community regardless of race, age, religion, marital status, or financial circumstances.

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